小型犬( 狂犬病・5種以上混合ワクチン予防接種証明書必須)、猫で室内飼いの体重10キロ程度です。(要ケージ。)なおペット同意書にサインしていただきます。ペット同乗料金1日1,000円頂きます。セレンゲティ、ジョイフルはペットOKです。

FAQ for Foreign customers

Q. Can I drive using my license in Japan?
If you are from Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco or Taiwan and hold a valid license issued by one of these countries, you can use your license while driving in Japan. However you will need an official translation of your license, and carry it along with your license and passport while driving in Japan.
If your license is issued by a country other than those in the list above, you will need to obtain an “International Driver Permit” from your country’s auto club in order to drive in Japan. Here is a list of auto clubs by country .
The documents must have been issued within 12 months of the rental period. International Driver Permit must be issued by a country that is a signatory to 1949 Geneva Convention.
Q. Where can I get translation for my Driver’s License
If your driver license is issued by Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco or Taiwan, we can arrange the translation for you in advance of your arrival to Japan. We need color copies of both sides of your current valid driver license and it costs 7,700 JPY. It takes 2 weeks to process. Please contact us if you would like to arrange this.
You can also arrange it yourself at Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). Visit one of their main offices and they can have the document made for you within 30 minutes. Visit this link for a list of JAF offices .
Q. Where can we stay?
Before you start your journey our staff will explain about the information where you can stay and we have a guide book for sleeping place in Japan such as road side station (Michi no eki), and campground guide book.
Q. How can we charge the camper?
There’s 3 ways to recharge the camper sub-battery.
●Driving 4-5 Hours during day time(it may take more to recharge the battery. Depends on the battery condition.)
●Except for type E camper all of our camper has the solar panel system.
●Use the cable and plug-in to the campground or electric generator(option)
Note: You can not charge the camper at Michi no Eki
Q. How’s the air condition and heater system work?
Air condition system is only available if the engine is running.
Type A and B has 2 heating system engine heater while the engine is running and the other one is parking heater(FF heater webasto)
Parking heater is not available for Type E camper.
Q. What is ETC?
ETC system (Electric Toll Collection) is a toll card inserted in an electronic transceiver integrated into the rental car. It then wirelessly connects with Japanese highway toll gates as you pass through them and records all the data related to your trip.
No need to prepare cash every time you pass the toll gate and no more lines and no need to stop at the toll gate(just slow down).
Your bill is recorded and updated everytime you go through a toll gate during your trip.
Payable by cash or credit card(additional 5% surcharge as a transaction fee for credit card payment)
Q. Where can we get an ETC card? Is there an additional charge if we barrow it?
We provide ETC card for all of our camper. We are asking to pay 10,000Yen as a ETC deposit and we will deduct the amount you used from the ETC deposit. If you didn’t use the ETC you can get a full refund of your deposit.
(If the total amount for ETC is more than 10,000 Yen please pay for the additional payment cost.)